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FPSC Models / Offensive / Available Artists for Free Work

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FPSC Reloaded TGC Backer

Joined: Wed Aug 4th 2010
Location: Englishland
Posted: 29th Jan 2013 15:42     Edited: 29th Jan 2013 15:46     | link | toggle

I have a request for a character, or set of characters, for my game Seclusion;

My game requires a set of futuristic human cyborg soldiers, for the player to fight later on in the full version of the game.

To that end, what I'd like is a set of characters, very similar in appearance to the stock FPSC Sc-Fi 'Clonker' character, but with either a Star Trek Borg type head, or a Robocop type head, to replace Clonker's spikey head.

The characters need to be animated to use the stock Sci-Fi weapons. However, they don't need to be completely new models, I'd be quite happy with the stock Clonker character with new heads (as long as that's allowed under FPSC's terms and conditions of course!).

I know I'm asking a lot, but I would be extremely gratefull if any one is willing and able to make these for me

My email address can be found underneath my posts.

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Joined: Sun Mar 11th 2012
Location: Springfield
Posted: 31st Jan 2013 04:42           | link | toggle

I need a designer/animator who can accomplish the following:

- create a bare bones character model. I need 2 for testing purposes so only 1 has to be created, the other one can just be a different color.

- animate it with hand to hand weapons.

- On a 4:3 ratio the character skeleton should be large. Enough to scale down to as tall as 384 pixels to maybe 96 pixels. Width would be scaled to a max of 512 pixels down to 128 or so.

- don't need any rigging at this point.
- File type/extension is whatever works in DBPro. I was hoping to receive a PNG sprite sheet with transparency.

I don't hope to receive this for free so my first main goal is to establish a relationship with an artist who can do this sort of work. My second main goal is to get some sample animations to program around. If I like your style we can make something work. I don't expect to receive anything for free but I can't afford the rates even for a part time thing like mentioned in the link for paid artists.

Contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you for reading.

My email address is on my profile.
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Scene Commander

Support Manager

Joined: Sat May 3rd 2008
Location: Cyberspace
Posted: 7th Feb 2013 17:33           | link | toggle


Just to say thanks for the models you sent me, they are great. I'm sorry it's taken a long time to respond, but I'm currently without internet at home. (Hopefully all will be fixed next week).


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FPSC Reloaded Backer

Joined: Fri Jul 3rd 2009
Location: pittsburgh, pa.
Posted: 8th Feb 2013 00:58           | link | toggle

NO problem S.C i saw that you are having internet troubles. Plus you are finishing up the 1.20 upgrade. i'll send more as i make them.

have a good one.....

gamer, lover, filmmaker
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FPSC Developer

Joined: Sun Feb 28th 2010
Location: Ireland
Posted: 24th Mar 2013 19:14     Edited: 24th Mar 2013 19:16     | link | toggle

Ive sent emails to 2 people but I havent heard back. There's no harm posting here anyways

I am doing an art exam and I would like a model of master chief (for a character), an xbox 360 controller & headset as well as game cases for halo 3, red dead redemption and naughty bear. I would also like a model of an android vinyl figure (google it for reference)

I would like them textured too

I would like these preferably, before March 27th (late, I know) but April 9th is the deadline. Thanks to all who read this
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Joined: Fri Apr 19th 2013
Location: Cyberspace
Posted: 25th Apr 2013 16:02           | link | toggle

Well, I guess this thread and sticky and is kinda still up to date. So... Here

Character: A Women with no face, stitched face and has only a mouth (Grinning) and in a straight jacket

Animated (Attacking, Grinning, Idle, Walking and Destroy)
With Scripts on specific Animation (Attacking, Idle, Walking and Destroy)
(Optional yet Helpful: A sound of her attacking, idle, walking *stepping sounds I guess* and dying)

Images: I got no image. Just an imagination

Deadline: I prefer on May 4-9. THANKS! More Power!

"Choose wisely."
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