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The 20 Line Challenge / 24bit Bunt - need one color?

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Joined: 25th Nov 2006
Location: Germany
Posted: 15th Feb 2007 14:34
Just all 24bit colors (16581375) in 303 byte code.
I have also all 16mio colors in a 49kB png image.

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Joined: 25th Feb 2004
Location: edinburgh.scotland.
Posted: 16th Feb 2007 01:21
ROFLMAO. the sheer stupidity of it is beyond me, NO, i stand corrected, the sheer insanity of it is beyond me. how the hell can you get all 16.7 million colours into a 512x512 res image, I'd love to know your mathimatical genius secrets. your telling me you can get that amount of colours into a mere 262144 pixels, your either a genius beyond comparison, or have the IQ of a lemon, and thats generous of me.

TBH, i'm sick to the teeth of seeing the same old substandard mince on this board, there are exceptions with some great coders contributing amazing things in less than 20 lines, but this crap and the other 30 seconds to code affairs are beyond a joke, not what this board is about at all. If you dont have something semi decent to bring to the affray, then don't, the amount of rubbish on this board drags the whole board down, no wonder it's so rarely visited by the massive in general, half this tripe isn't worth firing up DBP for.

I'm not in the habbit of flaming, but this is called for, this crap standard code is dragging this board through the dirt.

PS-ROFLTAFFY, unless that .PNG of yours is 4096 x 4096 pixels, thats not showing all the 24 bit colour range either.

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Joined: 30th Oct 2006
Posted: 1st Mar 2007 18:57
It cycles through the colours so eventaully you get all of the 16.7 million colours. I think that's what he means.

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