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The 20 Line Challenge / Ultimate Code Formatter

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Posted: 17th Feb 2007 23:31 Edited at: 28th Feb 2007 22:26
It can compress and decompress code. You can either run the program and use the command prompt style file selector or you can compile this and the drag and drop .dba files onto it.

As far as I know it's perfect, so if you have any problems please tell me about them. It compressed itself.

Edit: If you make one constant reference a string constant or string variable you can trick the constant into being declared as the wrong type. It would be annoying to fix this, but I will probably work on it.

Compressed (18 lines)

Decompressed version

Edit: Aaah. Something in the forum killed all the slashes so now it doesn't work. I have attached the uncompressed code. It can compress and decompress itself so I saw no reason attaching both.


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