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Work in Progress / Project X2: Guardian

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Joined: 8th Nov 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 9th May 2003 12:51
Game Plot:

Scientists, being idiots that they are, decided to use powerful gamma radiation and cybernetics to create guardians to protect the planet from the Lemesk Empire. Top Generals told the public that a Galactic War was imminent. The Empire decided to leave the Confederation until they were able to conquer them. The Guardians were left on a planet to rot and degrade presumably to fade away.

In reality the Guardians survived and their cybernetic circuits and brains were burning for revenge. The Confederacy intercepted trasmissions from the planet and decided that action was needed to save the universe from these warped creations.

Your mission, fly to Planet P5-X and eradicate the Guardians. That pilot is YOU...

I've got the ship, the start of the score and powerup menus and the powerup icon, just trying to get them to move, not sure whether to do it in 2D or 3D. What do you think?
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