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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / suggestions for dp upgrade..

David iz cool
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Joined: 21st Sep 2005
Location: somewhere lol :P
Posted: 20th Apr 2007 02:50
hi i really want to see this for dark physics future upgrade.

character controll be able to apply force with physics and move it around like person.jump using physics.

bump into things and physics applys to that object that was hit.

tks!!!! plzz make this happen.
Dark Angel_1246
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Joined: 7th Jul 2004
Location: Australia
Posted: 20th Apr 2007 06:54
you can do this already its just not easy. I will be posting a WIP in a while that might help you.

But also to add to this....
raycasts need more properties
Vehicles need improvments
Character Controller needs also improvment
and more So Mike get to work

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