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Work in Progress / Battle of Britain

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Joined: 20th Oct 2002
Location: A bar somewhere
Posted: 25th May 2003 01:30 Edited at: 25th May 2003 01:34
Just started work on Microgame Simulations- Battle of Britain. If any one can remember it, Though sifting through the net I think it only sold a couple of hundred copies, Hopefully no one will have seen the original to compare it with my version.

I`ve managed to get the map working along with all the icons displayed on it except the actual units though the data is in for it.

Most of the Data structure is in though there is still the german side to do but that will only take 1/2 hr or so.

Interface has been started and just beginning to get it working.

Complicated window system is nearly working properly

And most of the graphics have now been done.

Hopefully will get at lot more done while i'm on holiday Just spent two hours trying to debug some buttons in the windows, sent it over to my brother for him to have a look, two minutes later he gives me a quick lesson in maths!

if mx-winx()<400 and mx-winx()<900 then ...........

I felt a right T*T

though I guess we have all done it

anyway screenies

Larger, High Quality Preview

Original Game (picture from Crash Magazine, Issue 5)

Nick Igoe
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Joined: 27th Aug 2002
Location: uk
Posted: 25th May 2003 12:48
I don’t remember that game but I do remember games that looked like it. The good old, old days. What system was it for, the original I mean?
Anyway, your version looks really good. I think I’ll set aside a few hours for this one
Nice work
Andy Igoe
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Joined: 6th Oct 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 25th May 2003 18:59
This was originally released on the Spectrum but Nick was also behind an Amiga based remake of it some years a go.

Certainly several games have spawned from this simple concept, Their Finest Hour, and two other games called Battle of Britain (one for the Spectrum by K'Soft and a more recent PC flight sim game). There's probably a few other too.

Pneumatic Dryll
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Joined: 27th Aug 2002
Location: uk
Posted: 25th May 2003 19:50
So you’ve been at this for some time now. I checked your site. You got some nice looking games there. Nice site too.
I wrote my first (and still my only) full game on the C64 in Simons basic. It was a platform in the style of Donkey Kong *’s for fireballs and H’s for ladders. I thought it was cool at the time.
I’ve recently given myself a kick up the backside so I hope I can produce something cool in DB soon. Way overdue. lol
Anyway, I’m waffling now…

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