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FPS Creator X10 / Questions of FPSCX10 and graphic cards

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Joined: 28th Jul 2006
Location: Finland
Posted: 21st Jun 2007 19:55 Edited at: 21st Jun 2007 19:57
Sorry of silly guestion, I don't understand english very well. I have not much of experience of graphic cards.

I read of old newsletter, FPSCX10 demo works only with "NVIDIA 8800 GPU" and of course, Windows Vista.

But future of full version of FPSCX10, can I use this and build games with any of these cards: NVIDIA 8500, 8600 and 8800?

Second guestion, what is weaker and better of these types? GT, GTS, GTX...

Thanks for answers,
- Arska

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Posted: 21st Jun 2007 20:33 Edited at: 21st Jun 2007 21:16

If your card supports direct x10 and you have Vista, then you will have no problem using FPSC X10.

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Joined: 10th Nov 2006
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Posted: 21st Jun 2007 20:38

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Posted: 21st Jun 2007 20:51
not locked, moved to the X10 board
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Joined: 30th Jan 2007
Posted: 25th Jun 2007 00:54
well it sais questions so i am going to ask, when FPSCx10 comes out will be on cd or download and will we have to purchase it, or will it just be like an update?

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Joined: 27th Feb 2006
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Posted: 25th Jun 2007 12:28
It is a whole new product so you will have to purchase it and then probably download it and possibly get a hard copy through the mail...probably just like this version...that would be my guess.
What I can guarentee is that you will have to purchase it.

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