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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / EZRotate + DarkPhysics

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Joined: 1st Sep 2004
Posted: 12th Jul 2007 18:56
I'm sitting at work reading through the forums and a question/worry popped into my mind. I have EZRotate and enjoy using it, but what I'm messing around with now uses DarkPhysics...

Can you use EZRotate with DarkPhysics? I know you can't use the move object commands and that sort of thing so I wouldn't imagine you could use EZRotate...

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Posted: 12th Jul 2007 23:16
You can use EzRotate to calculate directions, offsets, distances etc. For example, if you want your Physics object to move in a particular direction, you need to know where to offset the force.

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