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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Does DK AI require a Object for any/all commands?

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Joined: 23rd Oct 2004
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Posted: 13th Jul 2007 04:53
My game is designed to calculate npc actions and events that happen 'off map', meaning no objects are used until that 'map' is selected and then loaded. Hence all the npc and events are handled in the background. I just was hoping that it might be possable to use Dark AI to do all my AI in both 'on map' and 'off map' functions. So can DK AI use... say pathfinding... if I have the npc and map layout in data form... not object?

Sorry for the stupid question :-| , thanks! ?

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Posted: 13th Jul 2007 04:56
Yes, you can choose not to assign an object to a dark ai entity, then grab the positions and angles of the entity so you can position and rotate the model whenever you want.

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