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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Arcades? Halloween Fun-Houses?

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Joined: 14th Jul 2007
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Posted: 14th Jul 2007 14:33 Edited at: 22nd Jul 2007 03:16
Something for those with some electronic design background - - -

Lets consider what I/O capability DarkBasic has for interfacing with the "real" world. From that, DarkBasic visuals could accompany controllers beyond joysticks, and some FX.

Of course DB will support joystick ports for input, but what about OUTPUT? Does DB support the classic parallel output printer interface? Does it support that port on a BIOS call level? Many later parallel interface hardware allow the connector to switch at a bit level between being an input or an output. That opens the door to fast sensing and useful control of the world outside our computers.
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Posted: 21st Aug 2007 07:25
What has this to do with Dark Physics or Dark AI?

Anyway, if you want to go and do the DLL calls necessary to output to parallel or serial ports, go ahead. The only thing Dark Basic can't really do is whatever you yourself can't program it to do.

Nothing I say is intended to be rude. My autism means that I do not know what is rude and what isn't rude. I apologize if I seem rude. It is not my intention.

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