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Work in Progress / 3d modeler/matrix editor/level editor

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Joined: 19th May 2003
Posted: 31st May 2003 02:53 Edited at: 31st May 2003 02:54
I have currently dropped one of the two RTS games that I was working (0ad for Now I am working on and inhouse RTS, and a 3d modeler/matrix editor/level editor. This program runs in Windows and is currently being written in c++. It will be released free with no royalties. Currently if some has an idea for a name/logo please post it here. Also I am looking for someone to create a website for me. Finally anyone who has senior experience with writing MFC based c++ would be a help, but you have to be good, really good. The following is a feature list:
-3d modeling/animation with support for various renderers (i.e. POV-RAY, BMRT, ect.)
-Import/export of multiple formats (.3ds,.obj,.x,.dxf,etc.)
-Direct Terragen heightfield import
-Polygon reducing tools
-Direct DarkBASIC intergration using a speacial .cad format
-Fully XP and Pro compatible
-Fully featured SDK for plug=ins
-The manual is currently 50+ pages
-20+ tutorials
-Import matrixes/levels to dB simply by including "importer.dba" which is generated by the program
-Dynamics and fluid simulations (If people help!)
-Many more basic features, like the basics of polygon editing with points, edges, faces, etc.

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