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Joined: 20th Aug 2007
Posted: 21st Aug 2007 06:06
i have been thinking about getting Dark AI i was just wondering is it easy to use and is the coding easy to learn or is the coding basically the same as DBpro? Thanks
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Joined: 19th Apr 2007
Location: Roanoke, VA USA
Posted: 21st Aug 2007 07:30
It's fairly easy to use. Mostly it's a matter of path finding and response to stimulus. If you're expecting anything beyond those, such as being able to get an AI to take cover when you throw grenades or be a formidable oponent in am RTS, then it'll help, but you're going to have to do a lot more work.

All this does is cut out the need to develop things like cone of vision, responding to sounds, and navigating a level.

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