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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Jittering when timing the physics update

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Posted: 24th Aug 2007 06:49 Edited at: 24th Aug 2007 06:54
I've been working on making a little demo that attempts to hack some believable tank movement out of DarkPhysics. At first, I was relying on syncrate and vsync to throttle the physics so it maintains a steady rate of flow. But I figured I'd try to throw together a timer for updating the physics so that the game can run at much higher FPS without the entire thing speeding up.

I have it working, but the tank seems to jitter when it moves now. Here's my code, and attached is the code and media.

I fixed it... It was the camera that was jittering. Had to move it into the update as well.
Anyone have any clue what things are safe to have outside of the timed update?

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