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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Using particles for sparks

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Posted: 11th Sep 2007 05:17
Okay, this is seriously p!ssing me off. I have tried making particle emitters with gravity, textures, ANYTHING. But no matter what I try they always behave wrong. Is this my problem or are the DP particles just crap?

I want to make halo-like sparks, if you've ever played Halo you'll know what I mean. Here... lemme open it and take a screen...


K, see? That's the kind of effect I want. I have tried everything, but I can't get them to do it.

They needa spring out of the wall, spread out with slowing velocity, then fade out, and actually look like sparks.

So if anyone can help me with getting that effect, I will love them forever.

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