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FPSC Classic Product Chat / [LOCKED] Piracy, what is it? How can you prevent it? How can you report it? (knowledge base)

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Posted: 28th Sep 2007 03:54 Edited at: 28th Sep 2007 06:59
Ok after reading several threads that are dealing with Anti-Piracy crusades I have decided to compile a knowledgebase for everyone. Please read this and post information relavent to the topic. I ask that Moderators please edit out all posts that fall astray from the topic at hand.

Question: What is Piracy?


As stated by various sorces "The unauthorized use or reproduction of copyrighted patented material."

This is a cut and dry definition,, Nothing is left up for interpretation; there are people out there that boast this most common fable "If I own the product and I have lost my CD or download link I can download the software from a piracy website legally". This is a serious misconception, regardless if you own a serial,CD key or activation key for a product you still have to attain the software from the original vender and not through third party websites.

Question: How can I prevent it? (piracy)


While you will never be able to fully prevent others from pirating software you can seperate yourself from those who pirate software. Here are a few methods in which you can ensure you are not unknowingly accomidating Software piracy:

1) Do not store any software that you may have purchased on a server. Even if you have purchased a corporate or business license you should not store them on a server. You should install each copy on every terminal using the software.

2) Never give our your user name or password for any account which you use to purchase software. (ie..your TGC, Torque and RC 1.0 account information)
* You should never share passwords to anyone. Your account information is yours and yours alone. Think of an online account like your bank account, would you give someone you met over the internet your personal banking information?

3) If you see or know of a friend pirating software try to convince the person on the risks and the need to stop his activities.

Other risks involved with pirated software

Pirated software can and often do carry malitious code that is executed when you run a KeyGen, Crack or Activation bot. Files that you may be asked to replace may have been tampered with as well. There are to many risks involved with Piracy.

Question: How can I report it


There are several methods that can be used to report Piracy. I am going to outline the method in which a piracy case is pursued by authorities.

When a website is flagged as promoting pirated software, Music or any other intellectual property the ISP provider is contacted Usually reported to the owner of the software by a person who owns a license for the software or sometimes by web surfers, The owner then in turn reports the website to the ISP provider) about the illegal activities. ISP providers can do a few things with the information they can either shut the website down for breaking their EULA, Demmand that all illegal files be removed or report the activities to the local authorities. If reported to the local authorities (and dependant on the severity of the activities) can sieze all computer system HDD's and freeze all assets of the said company (dependant on business status) and then open a full investigation to the allegations.

There are several penalties set in place for those that are prosecuted for piracy here is a short list of penalties:

Qouted from:

Quote: "
These fines are for basic infringement:

Ranging from $750 to $30,000
Up to $150,000 for willful infringement

this is for more seriouse case, even though this mentions ProForce software, it is leaned towards all software as this is the general punishment for larger cases that are persued by major publishing houses and or law enforcement.

Illegal distribution of software can subject a seller to arrest and felony charges with fines up to US$250,000 and prison terms of up to 5 years.

In civil litigation against infringers trafficking in or using ProForce Software Corporation product(s) that are illegally distributed or reproduced, ProForce Software Corporation can obtain the higher of its lost profits, the infringer's profits, or statutory damages of up to US$100,000 per product, per infringement, in addition to recovery of ProForce Software Corporations' attorneys' fees in the action.

Here is the EU's penalties for Piracy

Qouted from:

Quote: "The legislation obliges all EU nations to each set an upper limit for fines and prison sentences. The maximum penalties can differ but must be at least €300,000 (US$409,500) in fines and four years in prison for offenses committed by organized crime groups or crimes that risk public health and safety.

Lesser crimes would face a lower maximum fine, but must be at least €100,000 (US$136,500) in each country"

As you can see the penalties are very severe!

Here are a few websites that actively persue those that are pirating software.

The Business software alliance (BSA) is geared more towards corperate piracy, though they will investigate piracy of all sizes.

The BSA website asks for the website/ftp site name, Company or operators name, Telephone and country. they primarily deal with canada, USA and puerto rico. When reporting with this website make sure you give them the name of the software being pirated. The creator of the software should be the one who reports the piracy.

They simply ask for your name, email address and a subject and the details of the piracy. Inlcude the website name or ftpsite name, comapny name, location and phone number if applicable.

They simply ask for the no bulls information concerning the piracy. Such as type of piracy, source of piracy (internet, magazine, ebay etc...) and the URL source. Any other information you submit is strictly voluntary.

Above are three tools that will assist you in applying damage control to piracy. Use these tools that's why they are there.

I hope this helped someone gain a better understanding of piracy and how to prevent and report it.


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