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Program Announcements / Coming Soon : " Edens Creator Pro "

AGK Developer
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Joined: 19th Sep 2002
Location: France
Posted: 10th Jun 2003 16:44
Yes it is !

Now that 3DMapEditor is in "StandBy" mode ,
I can work on my new project.

It's a full world editor for DarkBasic Professional.

There will probably be a beta available in approximatively 1 month . . .
All information about ECP will be available on 3DMapEditor's Heaven forums.
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Joined: 3rd Nov 2002
Location: Naytonia
Posted: 10th Jun 2003 17:49
cool , judging from the quality of your previous project "the 3DMapEditor" i'm pretty sure this will be another "must have" program

to live is to suffer, to survive, well, thats to find meaning in the sufferening.....
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Joined: 29th Aug 2002
Location: 32 Light Years away
Posted: 10th Jun 2003 19:22
You mean must pay... j/k

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