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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Scaling Afffects Collision

Gil Galvanti
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Posted: 3rd Oct 2007 04:19
For some reason, when I made a small scale test of pathfinding around my world, the collision worked fine, but when I tried to implement it into my game, which has the world scaled larger (in units), it won't read the trees as collision objects for some reason, although everything else works fine. Is this a bug? Should scaling affect collision reading in any way?

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Posted: 3rd Oct 2007 14:26 Edited at: 3rd Oct 2007 14:27
Question: Are you setting up the collision objects as static meshes?

If yes, then that's the problem. There is a bug whereby if you position, rotate or scale an object in DBP, prior setting it up as a static mesh, collision will not work correctly. It seems that the visual object is changed but the collision data is not.

Until it is fixed (), the workaround is to scale/position/rotate the object in your 3d modeling application, and once you load it in DBP, set it up immediately as static mesh.

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