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Music & Sound FX / Improving music fade in-fade out

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Posted: 28th Oct 2007 12:39
Hey, glad to see this new forum.

I'd like to revive an old question I posted at the DBPro forum, just in case someone has something new to contribute.

This was it:

"set music volume" only accepts integers as volume. That represents a jump from 0 to 1 when fading in and out.

That could be said as that "1" is the minimum volume for a music, and that is not low enough to make a good fade effect (in or out).

So when fading (setting music volume), the music "abruptly" starts or ends. Well, not very abruptly, but it can be noticed.

Suggested solutions were:

to have modified the volume previously with an external application, but sometimes music must be turned off unexpectedly, so this wouldn't be a perfect solution.

to use 200 as maximum volume, so the 0-1 volume 'jump' would be halved... Perhaps the best workaround by now.

Here is the old post with code & media examples:

Any comments are appreciated

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