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2D All the way! / A scrolling message

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Joined: 19th Jun 2003
Posted: 19th Jun 2003 23:35
Okay, ive got 4 bitmaps: messageborder.bmp, messagebackground.bmp, message.bmp and background.bmp. I made the background to fit the whole screen for the program, and i want the message to scroll inside the message border, but infront of the message background. It means i need a transparent colour for the message border (which I'm finding hard), and loads of image pasting apparently. The problem is, ive forgot how to program the language! I need help please!
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Joined: 16th Jun 2003
Location: United States
Posted: 22nd Jun 2003 05:46
By forgetting to prgram the language, do you mean Dark Basic or something entirely different. If you want an image to display over a background have you thought about using sprites? Sprites make transparency issues a whole lot easier.

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