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Program Announcements / Important notice for SQL (not SQLite) users

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Joined: 26th Aug 2002
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Posted: 26th Jun 2003 14:21 Edited at: 26th Jun 2003 14:26
If all goes to plan, and the SQLite plug-in works well (and it looks like it does), I will be dropping support/updates for the SQL plug-in shortly, and it will be removed from my web site.

The main reason for this is the SQLite system is so much easier to use (aside from having to deal with triple pointers) and modify. SQLite will then become the standard database system for DBPro users.

The code for SQL is, if I remember correctly, is in the Code Snippet section (somewhere), for those who want to continue using that.

Good news everyone! I really am THAT good... for great plug-ins - oh my, yes!

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