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Dark GDK / DBO to text file dump

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Posted: 13th Feb 2008 22:34
Recently I've needed to look into the internal object structures of DBPro/DGDK, and as the DBO format is effectively a mirror of those internals and we have a copy of the source code needed to create a DBO, I decided to do some hacking of that code to get the file dumped into a human readable text file so that I could study and compare.

The attachment is the result of that - I don't know what licensing TGC released the code as, but I'm releasing my portion and my changes fully into the public domain.

The code isn't pretty (in particular there's a macro hack in there) but it did the job I needed it to do, and maybe you can find some use for it too.

Simply drop your xxx.dbo file onto the executable when you've built it and you'll end up with an xxx.txt file in the same folder ... Oh, and get yourself a decent text editor - notepad is NOT up to opening files of the size that are usually generated by this program.


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