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The 20 Line Challenge / [LOCKED] I think 20 lines is a joke

david w
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Joined: 18th Dec 2005
Location: U.S.A. Michigan
Posted: 3rd Mar 2008 05:19
I know this will probably make alot of people mad or upset. But 20 lines, lets get real.
A line is:

print "hi"
print "you"


print "hi" : print "you"

So what is before 2 lines is now "1" line. I dont think because you can cram a bunch of commands on a line makes it legitimate.

The rule should be 20 lines = 20 commands.

Thats what I think. (besides it makes the code unreadable)
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Joined: 19th Aug 2006
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Posted: 3rd Mar 2008 08:17
I would agree, except that it does force you to think about program logic, and it also will teach you about program logic. C programmers do this sort of obfuscation all the time; it is extremely annoying and utterly unmaintainable.

Your proposed method would lead to apps that aren't as 'cute' as the ones here.

Do what I do...leave this forum to those that enjoy the challenge.
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Joined: 30th Jun 2006
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Posted: 4th Mar 2008 01:53
I've argued against the 20 line board before.
compressing your code to 20 lines gives no benefit whatsoever, all it accomplishes is making your programs impossible to follow.
It encourages the kind of geeky bragging similar to achieving 100% game completion on GTA etc., it's pointless and immature.
Bad habits to give a newbie.

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Joined: 4th Mar 2008
Posted: 4th Mar 2008 16:50
It might make more sense to have a 2K (i.e. 2048 chars) challenge so you could use readable formating and still see what could be accomplished with a relatively small amount of code.

Retired Moderator
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Posted: 6th Mar 2008 17:17
It's only a bit of fun - and no-one has to post an entry if they don't want to.

Like jinzai says, we don't even have to visit this board if we don't agree with the rules.

Your points are not annoying. Posting entries on a 20 line challenge board which are greater than 20 lines - now that is annoying...


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