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DLL Talk / Easy plugin development using PureGDK - who would be interested?

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Posted: 13th Apr 2008 01:17 Edited at: 13th Apr 2008 01:44
PureGDK, for those you don't already know, is a compile-time wrapper that allows developers programing in PureBasic to take advantage of the DarkBasic Professional engine in their projects.

PureGDK is not far removed from being able to compile TPC plugins for DarkBasic Professional. This post is to ask if anyone would be interested in purchasing this kind of a feature as an add-on to PureGDK.

PureGDK's plugin framework sets it apart from other TPC solutions by enabling anyone to add support for their favorite plugins effortlessly and be able to compile and test them right out of the PureBasic IDE.

To give an example of how simple plugin authoring would become consider this plugin which rotates a box by 45 degrees along y and z.

Here is the PureGDK code where you can test the function.

If it functions the way you want it to then simply change is to an exported function (use ProcedureCDLL instead of Procedure), set the compiler to make a DLL instead of an EXE, add a string table (easy!) and you have a plugin!

The final code in DarkBasic Professional would look something like this:

Because PureGDK supports the PureBasic IDE's sophisticated debugging tools it would be an all-in-one package for developing, testing, and compiling to a final TPC DLL.

PureBasic is a powerful and robust language with an impressive set of command libraries. It has full support for the Windows API, structures, OO/COM interfaces, a complete GUI library, OpenGL and DirectX interfaces, an XML library, unicode support, inline asm, threads, 8-bit data types (double/quad), a flexible pointer system, string tools, callbacks, and more!

Support for programming TCP plugins with PureGDK would certainly make it the ultimate tool for plugin authors. It's an idea I've been toying with but I would like to hear some feedback before I make a decision on this.

Please let me know what you think.

For a demo of what PureGDK can do and for a summary of its features see the article written in this month's issue (April) of the newsletter.

There you can download a demo which showcases a few of the powerful features that PureBasic has to offer DarkBasic Professional developers:

Window callbacks
Linked lists
MDI windows
Windows API

You can also find more information about PureGDK on the PureBasic forums here:
Ulric Boel
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Posted: 3rd Jun 2008 08:30
Hi Mistrel

First of all, congratulations for PureGDK. I've been testing it (the Demo version) extensively those last two weeks and I can say it is working great.
I'm considering buying it but I have a couple of questions for you:

- Do you plan to update the support for the latest versions of the DBPro plug-in (for example, you supply support for the version 1 of EZ Rotate Pro...but the current version is 4, the same goes with DarkPhysX)?

- Do you plan to set up an independent organised forum to allow easy targeted discussion on specific aspect of PureGDK (instead of just a generic forum thread here and on the PureBasic forum)?
I think this could help you measure the impact of your product as well as help the users (even the one testing the demo)!

- I'm interested in he possibility of creting DBPro TPC directly with PureGDK.

Thanks in advance for your answers,


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