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DLL Talk / Performing end process cleanup from a plugin?

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Joined: 9th Nov 2005
Posted: 20th Apr 2008 03:52
I'm using the following ?CloseDisplay@@YAKXZ and ?Quit@@YAKXZ from DBProCore.dll before I ExitProcess(0) but this does not cleanup the dbpdata temporary directory.

Do I have to clean up those files myself?
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Posted: 20th Apr 2008 04:08
Yes, or find an alternate method of closing things down.

I used to use that method myself and stopped using it for exactly that reason - now I set the errorcode via the globstruct and return from the function, letting DBPro's own error system do the work for me:

The numbers already allocated are in the file C:\Program Files\Dark Basic Software\Dark Basic Professional\Compiler\lang\english\Errors.txt in the section [RUNTIME] on my system - for example 7008 is 'Object does not exist'.

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