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DLL Talk / AnimateWindow From User32.dll not working?

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Posted: 27th Apr 2008 02:35 Edited at: 27th Apr 2008 02:37
I'm Trying to call "AnimateWindow" From User32.dll, And Although it is calling the Function, It dosn't seem to be Animating it at all, Can anyone see why its not working?

According to MSDN it should give 9 Different Animation Effects for Window

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Posted: 27th Apr 2008 11:08 Edited at: 27th Apr 2008 11:09
The third parameter is a DWORD (see the page on it).

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Posted: 27th Apr 2008 12:01
Those values you used in quotes should be hex values:

"&H10000" (a string value)

should be converted to:

0x10000 (a numeric value)

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