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NVIDIA Competition 2008 / Sending Entry

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Joined: 15th Jan 2003
Location: Scotland
Posted: 18th Jul 2008 14:35
Entrys sent to seem to get forwarded to google mail. Unfortunatly as can be seen here

Google Mail does not accept Zipped attachments that contain executable files.

Save yourself a failure notice or 2 and use which should work unless its E-mail gets cought in a spam filter.

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Joined: 20th Dec 2003
Location: |\\/|/-\\|_\'|\'/-\\
Posted: 18th Jul 2008 14:43
rename to ._zip instead of .zip

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Joined: 28th Nov 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 18th Jul 2008 17:52
Aslo the .exe is not needed in your post.

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Joined: 27th Jun 2008
Posted: 19th Jul 2008 00:41
I had the same problem. Instead I used SmartFTP to upload to there FTP server.

HowDo, read this: "Make sure you have included everything - the source code, the exe file, all media it needs, the author.txt, etc." at

So it seems it is needed as part of the entry
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Joined: 28th Aug 2007
Posted: 20th Jul 2008 16:37
Just to be sure; will everything be okay if a link is provided to a normal zip file. I am pretty sure it should be but just in case.
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Joined: 23rd Sep 2007
Location: Behind You!
Posted: 30th Jul 2008 15:49
I Found The Easiest Way Was FTP...
But I Didnt Want To Download Anything...

So I Used This...

Hope That Helps People.


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Joined: 28th Nov 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 30th Jul 2008 21:11 Edited at: 30th Jul 2008 21:11

tired to do that way the first time, but the post system just chucked it back at me, so the only way I could send it was to leave the complied bit out.

less to send if you not got the band width.

Dark Physics makes any hot drink go cold.
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Joined: 21st Aug 2003
Location: England
Posted: 31st Jul 2008 18:46
Correct, if you are emailing your entry, rename the attachment to ._ZIP to bypass googlemail attachment eater. Alternatively you can FTP your entry to our INCOMING folder as specified in the competition page.

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