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NVIDIA Competition 2008 / Is there a way to just download the Dark Physics demo?

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Joined: 22nd Sep 2002
Posted: 1st Aug 2008 00:53
I already have Dark Basic Professional. Is there a way to just install the Dark Physics demo so I don't have to re-install Dark Basic Pro?

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Joined: 21st Jan 2000
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Posted: 1st Aug 2008 01:49
Alas the trial is a complete DBP+DarkPHYSICS so if you want to use the trial version for your entry, you are going to have to re-name your main DBP folder and install the trial. Be aware though that in doing so, your registry will be changed and ultimately when you wish to return to the main DBP version you have, you will have to either restore your registry manually, or reinstall the full DBP version then copy over your DBP backup folder to restore certificates, projects, etc. A simple process, just remember to make backups of your main DBP folders and work.

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