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Program Announcements / Free Text Adventure Engine! Made in DBPro!

Bad Monkey
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Posted: 2nd Sep 2008 20:23 Edited at: 3rd Sep 2008 02:34
I made this text adventure engine for the TACompetition ending in middle October. Now you can use it for the competition, or you can modify it for use in the competition.

I made it so that you can modify it entirely with a lua script outside the main engine. So you don't have to modify the engine at all, just start programming your incredible text game for the TACompetition!

Here is the code:

LICENSE: You may use my engine to make a game ONLY for the TACompetition. You may NOT use my engine for a commercial title or other competition entry. This license extends until the final deadline of the TACompetition. At that time this license will expire.

Here's a pic:

Visit my website:


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