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Program Announcements / Minesweeper

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Joined: 30th Dec 2005
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Posted: 7th Sep 2008 07:34 Edited at: 16th Aug 2009 12:43
Just a clone

Download: Minesweeper.rar (1MB)

Remember those old guys? They made epic renders, I think one of them was called DaVinci, and all they used was MS Paint. Sometimes it's just skill....


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Joined: 12th Sep 2006
Posted: 7th Sep 2008 10:20
Nicely done.
DarkBasic Pro Guy
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Joined: 4th Jun 2004
Location: Broomfield, Colorado
Posted: 13th Sep 2008 19:43
Very nice. I find myself able to make moves faster in the windows version, I think this has to do with the windows one using windows API and not DirectX but either way, great job!

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