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3 Dimensional Chat / Milkshape wont finish registering

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Joined: 24th Oct 2002
Location: I can't find myself
Posted: 1st Nov 2002 02:34
I registered milkshape and since it was already expired, it said to wait 2 minutes for it to finish. It never did. Does anyone know why.
Shadow Robert
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Joined: 22nd Sep 2002
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Posted: 1st Nov 2002 05:53
it a very odd problem however i've found it actually on occurs with people who haven't actually purchased a registration
you require a file called ms3d9x.reg or ms3dxp.reg unless you have that within the milkshape directory when it registers it all it actually achieves is logging your serial number, as each reg file is compiled specifically to a single serial code you can't simply copy one from a working copy
i'd suggest you contact mete at as thats the official support email...

also i wouldn't try opening up one of the .reg files
they've been designed to become COMPLETELY useless if tampered with.

Anata aru kowagaru no watashi!
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Joined: 5th Dec 2002
Posted: 5th Dec 2002 20:41
Actually, I had the same problem(lots of people do). Mete says that you have to copy and paste the registration code from the email he sends you. You can't just type it in.

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