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DLL Talk / MS Access Database Plugin - Crashing when ..

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Joined: 26th Apr 2005
Location: Dubai, UAE
Posted: 4th Mar 2009 13:15
I am using the "MS Access Database Plugin"
found here:
to read data
form MS Access file for a Question/Answer type of games.

it worked fine until I tried to work with multiple tables (switching)
when I try to select from another table then call data the game crash
well this happens ((only when the tables have different fields))
if the tables has the same field count and data type
it works

so is there a solution to this or is there a better plugin arround?

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Joined: 19th May 2008
Location: Nova Prospekt, North Yorks, UK
Posted: 10th Jun 2009 15:40
Hi, I wish I could answer your question, but I've not used this plugin yet. Is the link to the site where this plugin was made? I've downloaded it, but have no real idea how to use it. The documentation isn't great. Do you have any tutorials or anything other than whats included in the zip?

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Joined: 8th Feb 2008
Location: Aloha, Oregon
Posted: 10th Jun 2009 18:36
Try using the GetRowDataByColName command instead, and use the column names. It might work better. I've been using the MySQL plugin for a long time now, and haven't had problems switching between tables.

Don't forget your rows start at 0.

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