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DLL Talk / Getting BlueGUI or similar

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Joined: 3rd Mar 2009
Posted: 6th Mar 2009 17:58
I would love to buy BlueGUI, I think a lot of what it has can be useful for future projects.

Mostly right now I am interested in the web browser functionality of the dll.

I can not get in contact with Robert (in his defense I did just send my second email) and am wondering if I should risk purchasing it? Have any of you guys recently blindly ordered it and recived it?

Are there other options out there, either to purchase or free that have similar capabilities?

How come someone hasn’t taken over selling and updating the dll for him and splitting the profit?

It seems there are a lot of smart people here that if given the source code for the dll could take over the support, and may have more time to deal with the sales of this dll.

It is a shame for it to die, since it seems to be pretty sought after and/or popular.

anyways thanks for any information you can give, I am sure the answers will help others besides me.

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Joined: 24th Apr 2006
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Posted: 6th Mar 2009 21:37
BlueGUI is being released for free soon including source code (or so I've heard), so there's no point.

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