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DLL Talk / Enhanced Animations: Animation plylist

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Joined: 17th May 2006
Posted: 12th Mar 2009 15:29 Edited at: 17th Mar 2009 13:51
I would like to do someting like an animation playlist ie:
Play and loop animation A 3 times
Play and loop animation B 1 time
Play and loop animation C 6 times

But i dont know how to 'count' how many times an animation has been played.
(To be more exact, I dont know how to know when an animation cycle has ended and)

Sorry for my english.
EDIT: I ment PlayList... i dont know how to change a thread title.
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Joined: 21st Jul 2006
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Posted: 27th Mar 2009 16:50
can you write here a example (pseudocode), what do you want?

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