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Work in Progress / NendoDraw -- easy-to-use drawing program!

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Joined: 26th Aug 2002
Posted: 3rd Nov 2002 23:42
NendoDraw! it's great!

anyway NendoDraw is based upon the modellers Nendo and Wings3d. except that it's in 2d instead of 3 (i actually considered calling it wings2d but that sounded dumb.. )

if you don't know what Nendo is like, well it's like this: you create a basic shape, like a square or a hexagon. then you select vertices and move them around, and scale different sections of the drawing, and extrude edges, and eventually you can mangle it into looking pretty nice.

that's an explanation of NendoDraw

anyway, at the moment it's only had about 8 hours of development, so needless to say there are some features that need to be implemented, so here are lists of finished, yet to do, and future stuff:


you can create "primitives" : triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon (7 sides), octagon, decagon (10 sides).

you can select vertices and even area-select vertices.

you can move, scale, and rotate selections of vertices.

you can connect 2 vertices together to form a new line (edge).

you can move the view around (with a very nice grid by the way) and reset the view to the center.

you can center the drawing.

you can snap the drawing to the grid.


edge edit mode (right now you can oly select/move vertices). shouldn't be too difficult seeing as an edge is just 2 vertices

FreeForm drawing. you can create a special primitive in FreeForm mode and simply draw the shape as you want it, then NendoDraw will close the shape when you're finished. i'll probably do this tonight..

extrude edge. one the edge editing is in.. extruding is moving the edge out while creating 2 new edges that connect the edge back to the original shape. for bumps. this is the most important feature in Nendo and it will be in NendoDraw

move normal. move an edge/vertex in the direction it's facing rather than just arbitrarily.

split edge. cut an edge up into even parts.

the ability to set the resolution in the editor.

the ability to change the color of the grid (and for that matter, all the editor colors).

colored polygons! so you can add some color to your drawings so they're not just lines and dots.

the ability to "render" to a bitmap and save. this would elimintate the need for a printscreen key.

in addition to colored polygons, gouraud shaded polygons in the renders. i need that algorithm from kevin..

animation? i was thinking of a way to do animation that might work. this would make thinkgs like animated image creation much easier. it'd be a lot like flash animation i guess. vector-based

anyway this is now my project, i like making it so any suggestions, ideas, i think i might be able to get some screens up one there are a few more features and a demo or something once you can make some good stuff with it.

it'll be free!

i'm looking at yooooou!
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Joined: 26th Aug 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 4th Nov 2002 00:40
That sounds like a pretty original 2d drawing program. Good luck!

"That's not a bug, it's a feature!"
"When all else fails, read the instructions"

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