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2D All the way! / Help on a College Unit. I am making a 2D Game Help!

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Joined: 26th Mar 2009
Posted: 27th Mar 2009 02:52
Right I made a game which is going along well.

Now I have sprites simple created done. Battles made well.

Now what I have to do is make a RPG one-to-one conversation in this RPG game.

Now for some reason I done a text story.

But I did a wait key at end of it.

Now I did something like.
If upper$(answer$) = "A" then restore ResponseNO

read Remark$ `read next remark

`input Remark$,Answer$ `display computer remark and wait for an answer from the user

text 100,200,Remark$
wait key



Data "Mwahahahaha!"


Data "Who is there?"

Data "I am the leader of this land, leave now or you will be destroyed"

Data "I can not!, I must get the royal gem to save my familys life"

Data "You dare to take the royal gem from this land"

Data "Yes and I shall take it by force!"

====end of code example====

Now right when I do this it does into a slow wait motion.

How do I end the slow motion wait. How do I end a wait key.

Someone help me.

I just basically want to say like if data has no more data then stop waiting and continue with final boss battle.
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Posted: 27th Mar 2009 08:52 Edited at: 27th Mar 2009 08:59
you can use a for/next loop since you already know how many times you're going to read. something like:

or, you can add a line of data that will trigger the end of the dialogue sequence and use another kind of loop:

also, i didn't understand what you meant by "slow motion wait". explain a little more and i can try to help.
or, did you simply mean how do you get outta the loop you were in? if so, either of the 2 examples provided here will fix that.

hope this helps.

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Joined: 26th Mar 2009
Posted: 27th Mar 2009 17:30
When I press any key it goes to next data it displays.

When it goes next the wait makes the sprites move just a little.

So it is like in a slow motion by when pressing a key it continues to play the game if a key is pressed only.

So I don't want the wait to be pressed anymore.

I just want it to auto carry on playing.

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