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Geek Culture / Hi Didily Do!

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Joined: 9th Sep 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 10th Sep 2002 05:00
hello, I am a fellow 3dgame studio user. I have been working on a game in 3dgs, but when I heard of Dark Basic Pro, I stopped because I felt I could produce a better product with DBPro, because I am an excelent basic programer unlike c-script and DBP has many excelent features. I might switch my project to DBP, though I still plan to make some games with 3dgs like a pro j-walking game. I have tried most of the demos, they all were pretty good except for the room demo which didn't impress me. I plan on buying dbpro but plan to wait a while after everyone tries theres to see if its any good, before I waste a hundred dollars on it. So all those who have it, you will have to tell me how it is.

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