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DLL Talk / DarkSide DLLs - Download Here

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Joined: 30th Dec 2005
Location: E:/ NA / USA
Posted: 9th May 2009 02:37
I think it would be okay to post these here. They were made once upon a time by forummer Snowy the Evil Snowman and were available for free on his site, along with tons of other free media and stuff. Unfortunately, that site now seems to have vanished, along with all the great stuff that was there .

You can download them attached to this post. May they be as helpful to you as they have been to me (most notably the Message Box and Input ones).



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Joined: 2nd Jun 2008
Location: Houston, TX, USA
Posted: 10th May 2009 22:54
Wow... these are kinda useful. I thought DBPro automatically resized desktops though -- apparently not.

Thanks for sharing.

Currently working on - Enemy AI using Dark A.I. I probably should've looked at the reviews in the Dark Physics and Dark A.I. forum first.
DBPro Developer
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Joined: 7th Jan 2008
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Posted: 11th May 2009 12:10
AWESOME!!! i can see this coming in good use.
Thanks BMacZero.

Can a MOD please change my name from shaunrw to ShaunRW? thank you.

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