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DLL Talk / 3D camera view placed on bluegui panel gadget easily.

chaos60556 2000
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Joined: 28th Jan 2009
Posted: 10th Jun 2009 11:06
The following code demonstrates a simple way to put a 3d camera view onto a blugui panel gadget. The code does show a revolving cube in the camera viewport and the same cube revolving on the panel gadget. I must warn you that the frame rate is exceptionaly bad. I can only achieve 1 fps on my 4 gig intel dual core system with a nvidia geforce 6500 graphics card and 4 gigs system ram. I beleive that this code would work great in a level editor where the 3d view is static or only updated when a change is made to the overall scene.

Anybody that wants to use this code for any reason is welcome to do so without any restrictions.

IF anyone can optimize this code to run faster, I would be interested in how it was optimized because, right now I don't have a clue as to speed this up.

I will be using this code myself as part of my world editor, just not in my game engine unless it can be made to run faster.
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Joined: 28th Dec 2005
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Posted: 13th Jun 2009 13:08
I posted something similar here. Not sure whether it runs faster though, but it is using lock pixels instead of get image, which may be quicker.

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