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Joined: 17th Aug 2003
Posted: 18th Aug 2003 00:44
I'm currently working a some kind of tool that you can ship along with your DBP software title. It will ensure that your users will always have the latest version by contacting a central FTP server, looking for an update there and if available, the app will download it.
All the user will have to do is install the update but I'm thinking of implementing that in the app too.

Anyone interested in such a tool? This way I know if I have to continue with setting up this central FTP server and getting it to work.

bye dudes!
Eddie Gordo
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Joined: 14th Jan 2003
Location: Ohio - USA
Posted: 18th Aug 2003 01:23
i thought that was being done...

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Joined: 26th Aug 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 18th Aug 2003 01:36 Edited at: 18th Aug 2003 15:17
Hmmm... I wonder who did it ?

Anyway, if your interesting, mine :

A) Works using HTTP
B) Allows messages to be displayed from a downloaded file
C) Alternative download locations can be provided (however, you must implement some security on your programs)
D) Automatically installation (ie running of an EXE file) if need be - again, some checking of the file needs to be performed.

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