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DLL Talk / Unity and LUA config question

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Posted: 17th Jun 2009 22:18 Edited at: 19th Jun 2009 22:27
I actually have two questions, is it 5.4, and can we exclude core modules like you can in the C interface? I really don't want the scripts to be able to read/write freely on players local file systems.

This information is in no threads or on any pages. I've searched.

EDIT: This thread obviously wouldn't of gotten a response, so I'll answer my own questions now for the benefit of others that have my same queries.

- It's not the latest LUA(5.4) it's 5.0

- It uses a stack type buffer that DBP can grab string output from LUA. A print callback is no go because of function pointer obfuscation in DBP I guess. In the C interface when I did LUA in another project I made my own print function which is easy in C.

- You can grab all data types from LUA, but not the other way around. They have to be set by DBP, and there DBP functions to grab values for each type.

- There is no way to configure modules, and they include all of them. So users have access to system functions and full access to the local file system. It'd be a bad idea to use this plugin with a system where users share scripts virtually for obvious reasons.

It looks like I'll be putting 5.4 in my DLL or porting to dark GDK. It'd be better to do your own DLL with no system or i/o modules and use meta data in a buffer to do custom DBP functions etc with a script halting call in C. This plugin is good for config files and flexible routines though.

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