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DLL Talk / Extends problems, can't rotate sprites, XGUI

MayoZebraHat 1979
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Joined: 21st Dec 2007
Posted: 3rd Aug 2009 07:12
I cannot seem to get sprites that have been offset and rotated around the center to collide correctly, they still have the collision shape as if the offset was 0,0. Also, resizing something with sprite scale doesn't seem to return proper results with colliding. The collisions are usually not wide enough, though the height is fine. Also, animated sprites don't colide well but I have been working around it with a dummy sprite. I would imagine that it doesn't take each frame into account. Am I doing something wrong or do I just have to work around it all?

The gui and font system is not working in Vista, of course. I hope that should be fixed soon but the last I read in the forums was it was being worked on last July. I know of the work around but Windows 98 mode won't be sufficient down the road.

Otherwise it's a good library, I'd just like to have some fixes.
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Joined: 11th Mar 2007
Location: Denmark
Posted: 11th Aug 2009 18:08
I second that.

We need several fixes for extends. But don't hold your breath, though. TGC has bought the product..So chances for any new updates are very slim...

To Freddix:

Please let us know, if you're still working on eXtends..

Will we see new updates or has it gone the way of the dodos?

To control yourself, use your head; to control others, use your heart.
AGK Developer
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Joined: 19th Sep 2002
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Posted: 17th Aug 2009 22:31
TheGameCreators bought the product copyright.
They are now the legal owner.

Concerning sprites collision, it is 100% perfect when sprites are not rotated nor scaled.
It can't handle 100% perfect pixel collision when sprites are rotated and/or scaled. This is due to the fact that Video card process the image ( filters, anisotropic, etc ... ) and there are NO WAY to get the result of this to use it for collision.
that mean that pixel collision with rotated/scaled sprites is not 100% perfect cos I calculate manually (with floating point) the pixels ...
There will NEVER EXIST 100% PIXEL COLLISION for rotated/scaled sprites. It's technically impossible!
See 1.5 changes log :
Quote: "Sprites :
- Sprites collisions now handle : Rotation, Scaling, Stretching, Mirroring, Flipping, animation.
- WARNING : Sprite Collision is not 100% accurate on rotated/scaled/stretched sprites."

Concerning the Windows VISTA issue with XGUI/XFONT, Windows 98 is the actual solution for the actual build.
I made some test with newer DBPro + Newer eXtends compilation under latest PureBASIC and it seem to work with no more crash on my Windows VISTA computer. I will prepare a build for TheGameCreators. I hope it'll fix definitively this issue for all windows VISTA configurations.

Don't forget that now, I will only do bug fixes. No more functionality upgrades.

Kindest Regards,
Frédéric Cordier

Gandalf said: "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us"
MayoZebraHat 1979
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Joined: 21st Dec 2007
Posted: 12th Sep 2009 00:12
Thank you for supporting us on the XGui/XFont part. That would be most appreciated. The collisions are still quite useful. I do wish that "Sprites could now handle: Offset" was there but again, I'm fairly sure that I can continue to work around it. I feel I'm missing intuitiveness but gaining problem solving skills. Kinda like a real programmer.

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