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DLL Talk / VBAdvance Download

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Posted: 30th Aug 2009 04:31 Edited at: 30th Aug 2009 07:52
I was looking for a way of creating a dll for DBPro in Visual Basic 6 and there was mention of a plugin for VB6 called VBAdvance. The links were old and no longer working in the "Visual Basic Plugins for DBP - Support Resource " thread, so I did a Google search and found:
I'm presuming theis is the same VBAdvance plugin mentioned in the thread as it stated on that website:
Quote: "Function Exports - Build standard DLLs that export functions using Visual Basic. Function exports are required for certain application types such as Control Panel Applets. Having access to this feature allows you to build these applications using VB. You can also implement the DllInstall feature of RegSvr32.exe in your DLLs to provide command-line switch customized registration of your DLLs. Many application plug-ins, such as WinAmp and InstallShield plug-ins, require function exports, which means you can now use Visual Basic to create them instead of having to resort to another language, or rely on non-VB proxy DLLs and the troubles that go with them."

Anyway if it is the one mentioned in the thread, the plugin is now free.

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Posted: 31st Aug 2009 19:47
Nice. Thanks for posting that.

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