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2D All the way! / I Need Help With Sprites (DarkGDK )

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Joined: 12th Sep 2009
Posted: 12th Sep 2009 19:57 Edited at: 13th Sep 2009 04:22
Hello I'm new to this. I am using the DarkGDK to attempt to make a zelda clone. I have a code to make a sprite move but whenever i switch directions a sprite is left behind. Can anyone provide another to move my sprite or tell me what is causing the problem. Sorry if this isn't the right spot for this.

My code is:

Here is the picture in game:

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Joined: 12th Sep 2006
Posted: 14th Sep 2009 10:23
enum DIRECTION {UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT}; instead of int up, left, down, right = 0 may allow efficiency.

Your problem's probably in your rendering function... and the GDK forums are more appropriate for this, since it's not art-related probably.


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