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Program Announcements / very cheap homemade webcam range finder (LIDAR) in DarkGDK

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Joined: 23rd Nov 2006
Location: Romania
Posted: 16th Oct 2009 15:45 Edited at: 18th Oct 2009 17:07
This project took me allmost 2 days and that's because of the formulas and the calibration of the cam with the laser,camera orientation must be parallel with the laser. i was inspired from here

. You can download my entire project from here:

and compile with visual c++ 2008, but very important, you must change the parameters depending on your construction.EX: my distance between the cam and laser is 7 cm. Yours could be diferent. And the error corections are found with continuous measurments between certain distances.

watch video here:

if you think you can ... or not.. both ways.. you're right
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Joined: 8th Jan 2005
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Posted: 4th Nov 2009 01:48
hmmm. Very interesting. I've been kicking around an idea for a laser based measurement system for scanning in 3d objects, but I want to do big things, like motorcycles and cars.
I thought of an idea using an old wheel mouse, and, building a type of 2d rack system to mount the laser. Using the old wheel mouse sensors to keep track of the position of the laser on the track. Your project does the hard part, and calculates the distance from the light to the object. Very nice.
Would it work, do you think, with large scale items like cars?
Uncle Sam
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Joined: 23rd Jul 2005
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Posted: 10th Dec 2009 22:09
You're a genius. Get off these forums, you don't belong here.

jason p sage
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Joined: 10th Jun 2007
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Posted: 23rd Dec 2009 20:54
I was a founding member of Pinpoint3D and they do LIDAR post processing etc. I know there are scanners now available for much cheaper than in times past... and if you are doing enough scanning... say 3d models for games etc.. it might be worth getting one of the smaller ones that scan around objects from all sides. Makes it easy to develop new models - at least you get decent starting points to model from.


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