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Program Announcements / ScreenCapture Dll

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Joined: 3rd Jun 2009
Location: Leeds, UK
Posted: 21st Oct 2009 17:08

I was making a screensaver and wanted to use the screen as my background so i put together this dll

there's only one command


you use it like so..

CaptureDesktop "MyScreenShot.bmp"

only tested .bmp files.

File is attached



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Alfa x
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Joined: 1st Jul 2006
Location: Colombia
Posted: 22nd Oct 2009 17:06
I have a question. How fast is it compared with the build in command?
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Joined: 3rd Jun 2009
Location: Leeds, UK
Posted: 22nd Oct 2009 17:09
Built in command?


Van B
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Joined: 8th Oct 2002
Location: Sunnyvale
Posted: 22nd Oct 2009 17:24 Edited at: 22nd Oct 2009 17:25
Not sure there is such a command Alfa.

This I'm guessing is so you can call the command to save a desktop grab, then you load that up, and set it as the backdrop texture for instance, then restore and maximize the DBPro window, showing the captured desktop. While this DBP app with the captured desktop is running, it could be moving object on the screen, doing 2D effects, whatever really.

There is an old snippet that used an existing DLL to do this, but this seems to be a much more elegant solution, as the DBP app can sit in the background while the screen is captured and loaded, then spring right into life with whatever screensaver it can muster.

One other thing that would help with screensaving is the ability to detect a previous instance, then act upon it. Back when I'd make screensavers in VB4, I would do something like...

IF app.previnstance then quit

So if the app is already running in a previous instance, it quits out maybe switches to that running version as well to avoid abandonment. So if you had a command to return a positive if the current application is already running (or specified application), you could make a much more robust and system friendly screensaver. Without this, you could leave your PC, and come back to 50 versions of your saver trying to run at once... seen it happen a thousand times, it's never pretty!

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DBPro Developer
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Joined: 7th Jan 2008
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Posted: 4th Nov 2009 00:27
I think alfa is talking about Get Image.

Very nice command N3wton. I'll use it some how

@ Van B: I wondered why my screensavers became slower the longer i leave them.

demons breath
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Joined: 4th Oct 2003
Location: Surrey, UK
Posted: 10th Nov 2009 03:36
That's pretty cool man I'll have a play round with it later. I remember donkeys years back when I was but a wee bairn my dad had something on his computer where it grabbed the screen image and you could stick ants on it and burn holes in it and attack it with a chainsaw and suchlike. Was good for when essays and homework and suchlike got frustrating - leave the word document open, open this other file and pretend to shred all your hard work.

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-BiggAdd Oct 28th 2009
freight hopper
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Joined: 26th Dec 2003
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Posted: 11th Nov 2009 19:22
Matrix1 has save front buffer which also works great.

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Joined: 11th Dec 2004
Location: Canada
Posted: 15th Nov 2009 16:00
This doesnt have to be limited to screen savers. You could make a Gwabs-like game, where you have characters fighting on the desk top online. The best part would be if someone could make a plugin to get a checklist of every icon on the user's desktop along with it's name, icon image and xy position. Then you could have the characters look like they're affecting the icons on the desktop just like Gwabs does, throwing them around and whatnot.

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