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The 20 Line Challenge / Bouncing Waves [DarkGDK]

Cuddle Bunniezzz 12
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Joined: 14th Jan 2009
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Posted: 25th Oct 2009 05:49
This was just me fooling around how to figure out practical applications of "Sin" and "Cos" (other then for my math teachers use it as tools of torture).

What happens is that a Blue wave goes up the screen, then bounces back as a green wave, then repeats forever. Add a "dbSetDisplayMode(WINDOW WIDTH, WINDOW HEIGHT, COLOR DEPTH);" if you use a larger screen, and it will still be 20 lines or under.

Screenshot: <-- The first ever fansite for "The World Ends With You"
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Posted: 25th Oct 2009 16:53
This program doesn't adhere to the rules of this board. (Please check the stickies at the top).

I'm not going to lock this thread now until I get clarification on using DarkGDK.

To qualify for here programs need to be much more than 20 lines long, compressed into 20 lines or less.

A less than 20 lines program uncompressed can be impressive, but really belongs on the Code Snippets board - not here.


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