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2D All the way! / newbie wondering how to interface w terrains

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Joined: 3rd Nov 2009
Posted: 3rd Nov 2009 22:28
not sure if this is a 2D or 3D question, but I'm wondering how to make sprites navigate & interact w terrains (the Terrain documentation I've found is pretty "Dark")

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Joined: 14th Oct 2005
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Posted: 10th Nov 2009 16:46
Mind expanding a bit on what you're looking for exactly?

If by "Terrain" you mean the actual Terrain objects that are built-in to DBPro, then yes, those are for 3D objects, not 2D sprites (although there's nothing stopping you from using 3D planes to represent sprites in a 3D world).

If you just mean a 2D terrain in general, then that all just depends on how you implement it! One way would be a simple array that stores the height of the terrain at any given 'x' position, that is perfect for 2D games, as long as you're not planning to have any "tunnels" or areas where things can appear under the terrain.
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Joined: 10th Nov 2009
Posted: 13th Nov 2009 21:40
If you want make 2D terrain and put sprites in it then go here:


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