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Program Announcements / 3D Missile Command Game

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Joined: 19th Mar 2003
Location: United States
Posted: 9th Nov 2009 22:58 Edited at: 10th Nov 2009 10:46
Hi, my friend Rich Sardini wrote a 3D Missile Command game using DBPro
so I thought I would post it here for him.


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Joined: 13th Nov 2002
Location: MA USA
Posted: 9th Nov 2009 23:40
Screenies please.

I'm not a real programmer but I play one with DBPro!
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Joined: 14th Dec 2005
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Posted: 11th Nov 2009 19:32 Edited at: 11th Nov 2009 19:40
if rich is open to suggestion/looking to improve:

slow things down a bit
+ trails
= closer to the original "challenge"

namely, visually tracking what's going on plus the timing element/leading target(s). as is, it's all happening a bit too fast. maybe include a couple "difficulty" levels directly connected to the speed of gameplay.

otherwise, not bad. i've always intended to do a 3d missile command and this gives me something to scrutinize and build upon, if i ever get it started...

thanks for sharing!

oh, and:

Quote: "Screenies please."

(since shots in first post don't appear functional)

add: undocumented UPKEY/DOWNKEY camera zoom included (yeah, i took a look at the code).


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Joined: 29th May 2005
Posted: 16th Nov 2009 04:12
What kind of ridiculous FOV are you using on that text?! Otherwise, looks very nice.

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Joined: 17th Aug 2009
Location: The World
Posted: 3rd Jan 2010 13:02
umm what about some source code please ?

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