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2D All the way! / Set Sprite Image

old rinkly
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Joined: 11th Mar 2004
Location: Devon UK
Posted: 24th Dec 2009 00:30
I can't understand why I get a white blank in place of my sprite when I use Set Sprite Image.
I have a sprite sheet with four lines and I want to go from the end of line 1, to the begining of line 3,without running through line 2.
It's never happened before.
Cheers Old Wrinkly

old rinkly
Grog Grueslayer
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Joined: 30th May 2005
Playing: Green Hell
Posted: 25th Dec 2009 11:57
It's easier to make the sprite image number at the end of the SPRITE command a variable and change that to the sprite frame you want. When the SPRITE command is seen again it will simply change the sprite to the new image number.

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