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Program Announcements / DarkPRINCIPLES Podcast

Daniel TGC
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Joined: 19th Feb 2007
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Posted: 21st Jan 2010 11:34
Hi guys, as some know and some don't I've been producing video tutorials for DarkBASIC Professional for the last two years. I've also started pushing out DarkGDK C++ tutorials as well.

My latest project is a podcast covering both DarkPRINCIPLES and The Game Creators newsletter.

The program is devided into music and news from this community.

The uniqe thing, is that the music contained in the podcast, is released under the creative commons license, so aimed specifically at game developers out there. There will be four peices of music per show, ranging from 1 mins 30 to 6 mins long, covering rock, blues, jazz, afican, classical, eletronic, and more. So why not open your minds up abit with a little free legal music you can include into your games, and the low low price of mentioning the authors name.

If you're interested in listening. Visit the site, scroll down the page, you'll see a media player, just click on play.
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Posted: 5th Feb 2010 06:30
are there separate categories? a video for basic 3d, a video for making a gun and bullets, etc

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